Eco Sure®

Eco Sure® Insulated Glass System Eco-Sure, our newest and most energy-efficient insulated glass system, is the complete package. This revolutionary system combines the environmentally-friendly Duralite® Spacer with innovative “Shift” technology triple glazing. Add to this the latest science in gas mixture and filling, OptiGas with ThermalCert, and you can be sure that the gas you were promised is actually going to bring you the energy savings you expect. This combination of spacer, glass technology and certified gas-filling gives Eco-Sure the best energy values available today. Offering five styles of glazing, including a dual pane unit and four triple-glazed options featuring “Shift” technology, Eco-Sure has a glass package to fit every home and budget. Make sure to specify Eco-Sure when replacing the windows in your home.

Shift: The Evolution of Triple Glazing

The original concept behind Shift Technology was to take advantage of offset glass spacing to get the best performance out of the argon and krypton gas fills. While that is still the case, advances in Low-E technology have “shifted” our thinking. We have the ability to produce windows with both offset and symmetrical third panes of glass – shift the middle pane to wherever it will provide us the best combination of performance and value for your home.

Duralite® Spacer System

Combining the Duralite Spacer System with the glass options that are available from Vista results in one of the most energy efficient windows in the industry. Duralite spacers are more efficient because they contain no metal. This means your windows will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, making your home more comfortable year-round. The use of Duralite spacers lowers energy consumption, thus reducing the amount of CO2 gasses released into the environment by the utility company. With Duralite you no longer have to choose between the comfort of your family and being environmentally friendly.